Credit Union; Save, Borrow …Plan for tomorrow

Did you know credit unions are financial co-operatives owned and managed by the members who use them? They offer a convenient way to save and the opportunity to access low cost loans and a range of other benefits.

Through your local credit union you can join a Payroll Deduction Scheme, no matter how big or small the amount, you’ll soon have a handy sum tucked away whether it’s for a holiday, Christmas or a deposit for a mortgage. To find out more click one of the thumbnails below.

At present, there are 21 credit unions covering the whole of Wales providing services to more than 68,400 adults and young savers.

Members of a credit union save in a common fund. This fund can be then used to offer loans to the credit union’s members at affordable rates of interest. Because credit unions are financial co-operatives, member’s savings and any interest earned on loans stays in the local community to benefit local people.

For more information on the benefits of using a credit union and where to find your local branch, click on the Credit Union logo (right).