07.10.21 update

Change in Covid-19 testing for the Under 5’s (05.10.21)

On Monday 5 October, the Minister of Education and the Welsh Language announced that it is no longer recommended that children under the age of 5 years old take COVID-19 tests without symptoms. Where children under 5 do have symptoms tests are not routinely recommended unless directed to do so by a doctor or if parents believe a test is absolutely necessary and in the best interests of the child.

This announcement and details of testing changes for secondary aged school pupils can be found here.

The FAQ’s have since been updated to explain the changes for the Under 5’s in more detail and they can be found here

The Action Cards have also been updated. The Childcare and Playwork Guidance will be updated shortly.

These changes will formally come into effect from Monday 11 October.

15.09.21 update

Welsh Government publishes a reasonable measures action card for settings 

Childcare Settings: Potential reasonable measures action card (coronavirus)  

Guidance issued by Welsh Government to help childcare providers protect children, staff and visitors.

These Action Cards outline the potential reasonable measures that settings can take to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

They should be read alongside the Childcare and Playwork COVID-19 Guidance.

Further Action Cards are available, including on Organised Children’s Activities and Soft Play and Indoor Play Areas.

Coronavirus (Covid-19): latest information and advice (17.04.20)

In  response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak the Cwlwm partnership will be keeping the early years sector up-to-date with the latest information about the situation in Wales and the UK following guidance guidance for the public on the risk from Coronavirus on the government’s website.

Please keep checking this post for updates, aswell as our Facebook and Twitter pages.

17.04.20 update

Cwlwm pleads for more support on behalf of childcare sector

15.04.20 update

Top Tips to remember for your Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) Registered Childcare Setting whether it is open or closed during Covid-19 Outbreak

07.04.20 update

How do I access childcare as a critical worker in my Local Authority?

Following yesterdays announcement by the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Care, Julie Morgan that for a temporary period critical workers in Wales would be entitled to free childcare. The Cwlwm partnership have put together a table by Local Authority to support families in finding childcare where they are critical workers or have vulnerable children.

Many childcare settings in Wales are providing a service and have availability. We will continue to update this guidance as further information is received.

To read more about the Ministers announcement and to find out more about each local authority is supporting families to find childcare visit:


02.04.20 update

We know that the outbreak of Covid-19 is forcing a lot of providers to carefully manage their expenses & insurance is one them. Before you do though, we urge you to consider a few important points.

Find out more here

31.03.20 update

Cwlwm issue latest sector specific business advice for employers

Download PDF here

27.03.20 update

Julie Morgan AM Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services has an important message for all children and young people during this confusing time – whether currently at home or in a care setting:

Julie Morgan AM Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services – message to children and young people (27.03.20)

The link to the Children’s Commissioner for Wales Information Hub for Families and Children as discussed in the message can be found here:



Gov.uk have published information on how to claim for wage costs through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme:



Business Support Schemes that can help providers in Wales – download  here 

26.03.20 update

Today Welsh Government have published information on the support available for childcare providers during the coronavirus pandemic. You can read the full update below:


Arweiniad i Leoliadau Gofal Plant – Covid-19 | Guidance for childcare settings – Covid-19

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi cyhoeddi’r arweiniad diweddaraf ar Coronafeirws a Lleoliadau Gofal plant ynghyd â’r cwestiynau cyffredin diweddaraf ar: https://llyw.cymru/coronafeirws-darpariaeth-gofal-plant

Welsh Government have published the latest guidance on Coronavirus and Childcare settings with the latest frequently asked questions (FAQs) at: https://gov.wales/coronavirus-and-childcare-provision

The Cwlwm partnership have put together a summary of the pertinent points, please download the PDF document below

Download PDF

24.03.20 update 

Kirsty Williams Education Minister for Wales provides latest statement on access to schools and childcare settings.

Schools and childcare still open to children of critical workers. The advice has not changed as a result of last night’s decision to further restrict movement, which the First Minister for Wales, along with other UK leaders took with the sole aim of slowing the spread of coronavirus.

Read the full statement here: https://gov.wales/the-latest-advice-on-access-to-schools-from-education-minister-kirsty-williams


23.03.20 update 

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) have put together a dedicated coronavirus webpage which includes FAQs for childcare and play providers:



5 things you need to know before sending your children to school or childcare during the coronavirus pandemic:



Unsure what is classed as a ‘critical worker’ in the COVID-19 response?

This flow chart may help…


21.03.20 update

Update on Welsh Government website: advice for parents and childcare providers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Information includes FAQ’s on financial support, closures and definitions of key workers.

Keep an eye on this page for updates (last updated 21/03/2020): https://gov.wales/coronavirus-and-childcare-provision

20.03.10 update

The Welsh Government announced a package of support worth more than £200m for small businesses to help them during the coronavirus outbreak.

Retail, leisure, hospitality and other small businesses can get support to help during the disturbance caused by coronavirus (COVID-19). They are also currently exploring what further support they can provide.

More information on the grants and loans for businesses to help during the disruption can be found on the Welsh Government website here (last updated 20/03/30): https://gov.wales/coronavirus-covid-19-support-businesses

The following letter has been sent this afternoon to Welsh Government from the CWLWM partnership – Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids Clubs, Early Years Wales, Mudiad Meithrin, NDNA Cymru & Pacey Cymru – in response to the packet of measures announced today to protect workers in the form of direct financial “business support”:

The Cwlwm partnership is collecting information, on behalf of Welsh Government, to identify Childcare Practitioners from Childcare Settings which cannot operate, who would potentially be willing to join a bank of staff that may be deployed to work in Childcare Settings elsewhere.

Cwlwm appreciate that these are unprecedented and uncertain times for the Childcare sector and its workforce. The current advice and guidance on Covid-19 is ever changing, so whilst we collect this information in good faith at the time of publication it may not be required. I hope that you will appreciate this and will complete the survey under these assumptions.

If interested, please submit a short expression of interest so that we may supply details to key partners such as Welsh Government, Local Authorities and Care Inspectorate Wales.

18.03.20 update

Email communication issued from Early Years Wales to all members with the latest information and guidance as per 17.03.20

If you haven’t received this email please drop us an email at info@earlyyears.wales or call us on 029 2045 1242


Welsh Government have announced that the Childcare Offer for Wales payments will continue even if children do not attend due to coronavirus isolation. Funding will also continue where staffing numbers fall to a level that the setting is no longer safe to operate. More info on this statement here: https://gov.wales/childcare-offer-wales-payments-will-continue-even-if-children-do-not-attend-due-coronavirus


Kirsty Williams has announced that schools will close from Friday 20th March https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-51947148 At this point this does not extend to childcare and childcare settings should remain open unless there is a medical reason for closure. Please check CIW for a formal announcement on childcare provision and funding arrangements.


This link contains Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance from Doctors of the World in 20 languages:   https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/193qQN9l04Dvf0N9L5zeWTiXK_DRbrAxg

13.03.20 update

Email received from Welsh Government and includes updates for childcare, schools, FE, HE, and Work Based Learning on 12.03.20

The Welsh Government is working closely with the other UK nations to ensure a consistent, public health-led approach to the Coronavirus situation. At the COBRA meeting today, all four Governments agreed to move from containment to delay.

The Chief Medical Officers’ advice is clear; that schools, colleges and childcare settings, should not be closed at this stage. These decisions are based on the latest scientific evidence.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised schools, colleges and universities against international travel, including school trips overseas.

Advice and guidance to educational settings will be updated to reflect revised advice.  https://gov.wales/guidance-educational-settings-about-covid-19.

Diweddariad 07.10.21

Newid ym mhrofion Covid-19 ar gyfer y plant dan 5 oed (05.10.21)

Ddydd Llun 5 Hydref, cyhoeddodd y Gweinidog Addysg a’r Gymraeg nad argymhellir mwyach i blant o dan 5 oed sefyll profion COVID-19 heb symptomau. Os mae’r plentyn dan 5 oed yn cael symptomau, ni fydd profion yn cael eu hargymell fel mater o drefn oni bai bod meddyg yn cyfarwyddo i wneud hynny neu os yw rhieni’n credu bod prawf yn hollol angenrheidiol ac er budd gorau’r plentyn.

Mae’r cyhoeddiad hwn a newidiadau manylion profi i ddisgyblion ysgolion uwchradd i’w gweld yma.

Mae’r Cwestiynau Cyffredin wedi’u diweddaru ers hynny i esbonio’r newidiadau ar gyfer y plant dan 5 oed yn fwy manwl ac maent i’w gweld yma

Mae’r Cardiau Gweithredu hefyd wedi’u diweddaru. Bydd y Canllawiau Gofal Plant a Gwaith Chwarae yn cael eu diweddaru cyn bo hir.

Bydd y newidiadau’n dod i rym yn ffurfiol o ddydd Llun 11 Hydref ymlaen.

Diweddariad 15.09.21

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn cyhoeddi cerdyn gweithredu mesurau rhesymol ar gyfer lleoliadau

Lleoliadau gofal plant: cerdyn gweithredu mesurau rhesymol posibl (coronafeirws)

Canllawiau i helpu darparwyr gofal plant i ddiogelu plant, staff ac ymwelwyr.

Mae’r Cardiau Gweithredu hyn yn amlinellu’r mesurau rhesymol posibl y gall lleoliadau eu cymryd i leihau’r risg o COVID-19.

Dylid eu darllen ochr yn ochr â Chanllawiau COVID-19 Gofal Plant a Gwaith Chwarae.

Mae Cardiau Gweithredu Pellach ar gael, gan gynnwys ar Weithgareddau a Drefnir ar gyfer Plant ac Ardaloedd Chwarae Meddal ac Ardaloedd Chwarae Dan Do


Mewn ymateb i’r argyfwng Coronafeirws (COVID-19) bydd partneriaeth Cwlwm yn dod â’r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf i’r sector blynyddoedd cynnar ynghylch y sefyllfa yng Nghymru a’r DU gan ddilyn y canllawiau i’r cyhoedd ynghylch risg Coronafeirws ar wefan y llywodraeth.

Cofiwch gadw llygad ar y post hwn yn gyson yn ogystal ag ar ein tudalennau Facebook a Twitter i gael yr wybodaeth ddiweddaraf.

Diweddariad 17.04.20

CWLWM yn erfyn am ragor o gefnogaeth i’r sector gofal plant

Diweddariad 15.04.20

Cynghorion Campus i’’ch Lleoliad Gofal Plant Cofrestredig ag Arolygiaeth Gofal Cymru (AGC) eu cofio p’un a yw ar agor neu ynghyau yn ystod cyfnodl lledaenu Covid-19

Diweddariad 07.04.20

Sut allaf i gael gofal plant fel gweithiwr allweddol yn fy Awdurdod Lleol?

Ar ôl y cyhoeddiad ddoe gan y Dirprwy Weinidog Iechyd a Gofal Cymdeithasol, Julie Morgan, bydd hawl gan weithwyr hanfodol gael gofal plant am ddim am gyfnod dros dro.   Mae partneriaeth Cwlwm wedi paratoi tabl yn ôl Awdurdodau Lleol i helpu teuluoedd i ganfod gofal plant os ydyn nhw’n weithwyr hanfodol neu â phlant bregus.

Mae llawer o leoliadau gofal plant yng Nghymru’n cynnig gwasanaeth ac â lleoedd gwag.  Byddwn yn dal i ddiweddaru’r canllawiau hyn pan geir rhagor o wybodaeth.

I ddarllen rhagor ynghylch cyhoeddiad y gweinidog ac i ganfod mwy ynghylch sut y mae pob awdurdod lleol yn helpu teuluoedd i ganfod gofal plant, ewch i:


Diweddariad 02.04.20

Rydyn ni’n gwybod bod Covid-19 yn gorfodi llawer o ddarparwyr i reoli eu treuliau’n ofalus ac yswiriant yw un o’r rhain.  Ond cyn i chi wneud hynny, rydyn ni’n eich annog i ystyried rhai pwyntiau pwysig.

Gallwch ganfod rhagor yma.

Diweddariad 31.03.20

Mae Cwlwm yn cyflwyno’r cyngor busnes diweddaraf, penodol i fusnes, i gyflogwyr.

Llawr llwythwch y PDF yma.

Diweddariad 27.03.20

Mae gan Julie Morgan, y Dirprwy Weinidog Iechyd a Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol neges bwysig blant a phobl ifanc yn y cyfnod dryslyd hwn – ai gartref ar hyn o bryd neu mewn lleoliad gofal:

 Julie Morgan AM Dirprwy Weinidog Iechyd a Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol – neges i blant a phobl ifanc (27.03.20)

Mae’r ddolen i Ganolfan Gwybodaeth Comisiynydd Plant Cymru ar gyfer Teuluoedd a Phlant sy’n cael ei chrybwyll yn y neges yma:



Mae Gov.uk wedi cyhoeddi gwybodaeth ynghylch sut i hawlio costau cyflogau drwy’r Cynllun Cadw Swyddi drwy’r cyfnod Coronafeirws.



Cynlluniau Cefnogi Busnesau a allai helpu darparwyr yng Nghymru – llawr lwythwch   yma

Diweddariad 26.03.20

Heddiw, cyhoeddodd Llywodraeth Cymru wybodaeth ynghylch y gefnogaeth sydd ar gael i ddarparwyr gofal plant yn ystod y pandemig coronafeirws.  Gallwch ddarllen y diweddariad llawn isod:


Arweiniad i Leoliadau Gofal Plant – Covid-19 | Guidance for childcare settings – Covid-19

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi cyhoeddi’r arweiniad diweddaraf ar Coronafeirws a Lleoliadau Gofal plant yn ogystal â’r cwestiynau cyffredin diweddaraf ar: https://llyw.cymru/coronafeirws-darpariaeth-gofal-plant

Welsh Government have published the latest guidance on Coronavirus and Childcare settings with the latest frequently asked questions (FAQs) at: https://gov.wales/coronavirus-and-childcare-provision

Mae partneriaeth Cwlwm wedi paratoi crynodeb o’r pwyntiau perthnasol, gallwch lawr lwytho’r ddogfen PDF isod

Llawr lwytho PDF

Diweddariad 24.03.20

Mae Kirsty Williams, Gweinidog Addysg Cymru, yn cyflwyno’r datganiad diweddaraf ar sut i gael lle mewn ysgolion a lleoliadau gofal plant.

Mae ysgolion a lleoliadau gofal plant yn dal ar agor i blant gweithwyr hanfodol. Nid yw’r cyngor wedi newid o ganlyniad i benderfyniad neithiwr gan Brif Weinidog Cymru, ar y cyd ag arweinwyr eraill y DU, i gyfyngu rhagor ar symudiadau gyda’r unig amcan o arafu lledaeniad coronafeirws.

Gallwch ddarllen y datganiad llawn yma https://gov.wales/the-latest-advice-on-access-to-schools-from-education-minister-kirsty-williams

Diweddariad 23.03.20

Mae Arolygiaeth Gofal Cymru wedi paratoi tudalen we benodol ar gyfer coronafeirws sy’n cynnwys Cwestiynau Cyffredin ar gyfer darparwyr gofal plant a chwarae:


Pum peth y dylech chi ei wybod cyn anfon eich plant i ysgol neu ofal plant yn ystod y pandemig coronafeirws:


Ansicr beth sy’n cael ei gyfrif yn ‘weithiwr hanfodol’ yn yr ymateb i COVID-19?

Efallai y bydd y siartlif hwn o help…

Diweddariad 21.03.20

Diweddariad o wefan Llywodraeth Cymru: cyngor i rieni a darparwyr plant yn ystod y pandemig Coronafeirws.

Mae’r wybodaeth yn cynnwys Cwestiynau Cyffredin ynghylch cefnogaeth ariannol wrth orfod cau lleoliadau a’r diffiniad o weithwyr allweddol.

Cadwch lygad ar y wefan hon (diweddarwyd ddiwethaf 21/03/20) https://gov.wales/coronavirus-and-childcare-provision


Mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi cyhoeddi pecyn o gefnogaeth gwerth mwy na £200 miliwn i fusnesau bach i’w helpu trwy’r argyfwng coronafeirws.

Gall mân-werthu, lletygarwch a busnesau bach eraill gael help drwy gyfnod y coronafeirws (COVID-19).  Mae’r Llywodraeth hefyd yn ystyried ar hyn o bryd pa gefnogaeth bellach ellid ei gynnig.

Mae rhagor o wybodaeth ynghylch y grantiau a’r benthyciadau sydd ar gael i helpu busnesau yn ystod y pandemig ar wefan Llywodraeth Cymru (diweddarwyd ddiwethaf 20/03/20): https://gov.wales/coronavirus-covid-19-support-businesses

Cafodd y llythyr canlynol ei anfon y prynhawn yma at Lywodraeth Cymru gan bartneriaeth CWLWM – Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids Club, Blynyddoedd Cynnar Cymru, Mudiad Meithrin, NDNA Cymru a Pacey Cymru – mewn ymateb i’r pecyn o fesurau a gyhoeddwyd heddiw i roi “cefnogaeth fusnes” ariannol, uniongyrchol i fusnesau i gadw gweithwyr.

Mae partneriaeth Cwlwm yn casglu gwybodaeth, ar ran Llywodraeth Cymru, i nodi pa Ymarferwyr Gofal Plant a Lleoliadau Gofal Plant sy’n segur ar hyn o bryd ac a allai fod yn fodlon ymuno â banc o staff a fyddai ar gael i weithio mewn Lleoliadau Gofal Plant eraill.

Mae Cwlwm yn sylweddoli fod hyn yn gyfnod digynsail ac ansicr i’r sector Gofal Plant ac i’w weithlu.  Mae’r cyngor a’r canllawiau presennol ynghylch Covid-19 yn newid yn feunyddiol felly, er ein bod yn casglu’r wybodaeth yn ddidwyll, efallai na fydd ei angen pan fydd yn cael ei gyhoeddi.  Rwy’n gobeithio eich bod yn gwerthfawrogi hyn ac y byddwch yn cwblhau’r arolwg  gan gofio hynny.

Os ydych chi  â diddordeb cyflwynwch fynegiant byr o ddiddordeb er mwyn i ni allu cyflwyno’r manylion i bartneriaid allweddol megis Llywodraeth Cymru, Awdurdodau Lleol ac Arolygiaeth Gofal Cymru.


Ebost a anfonwyd gan Blynyddoedd Cynnar Cymru i bob aelod gyda’r wybodaeth a’r canllawiau diweddaraf ar 17.03.20

Os nad ydych wedi derbyn yr e-bost hwnnw, anfonwch e-bost at info@earlyyears.wales  neu ein ffonio ar 029 2045 1242

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi cyhoeddi y bydd taliadau Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru yn parhau hyd yn oed os nad yw plant yn bresennol oherwydd ynysu coronafeirws.  Bydd yr arian yn dal i gael ei dalu hefyd os na fydd digon o staff ar ôl fel na fydd yn ddiogel i’r lleoliad aros ar agor.  Mae rhagor o wybodaeth ynghylch y datganiad yma: https://gov.wales/childcare-offer-wales-payments-will-continue-even-if-children-do-not-attend-due-coronavirus

Mae Kirsty Williams wedi cyhoeddi y bydd ysgolion yn cau o ddydd Gwener 20 Mawrth https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-51947148 . Ar hyn o bryd, nid yw hyn yn cynnwys gofal plant a dylai lleoliadau gofal plant aros ar agor oni bai bod yna reswm meddygol dros gau.  Cofiwch gadw llygad am gyhoeddiad ffurfiol gan Arolygiaeth Gofal Cymru ar ddarpariaeth gofal plant a threfniadau ariannu.

Mae’r ddolen yn cynnwys Canllawiau Coronafeirws (COVID-19) gan Feddygon y Byd mewn 20 iaith:    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/193qQN9l04Dvf0N9L5zeWTiXK_DRbrAxg

Diweddariad 13.03.20

Ebost a dderbyniwyd gan Lywodraeth Cymru yn cynnwys yr wybodaeth ddiweddaraf ar gyfer gofal plant, ysgolion, Addysg Bellach, Addysg Uwch a Dysgu Seiliedig ar Waith 12.03.20.

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru’n gweithio’n agos gyda chenhedloedd eraill y DU i sicrhau ymateb cyson, yn cael ei arwain gan iechyd cyhoeddus, i sefyllfa Coronafeirws.  Mewn cyfarfod COBRA heddiw, cytunodd pob un o’r pedair llywodraeth i symud o ynysu i oedi.

Mae cyngor y Prif Swyddog Meddygol yn glir; na ddylid cau ysgolion, colegau a lleoliadau gofal plant ar hyn o bryd.  Mae’r penderfyniadau hyn yn seiliedig ar y dystiolaeth wyddonol ddiweddaraf.

Mae’r Swyddfa Dramor a’r Gymanwlad wedi cynghori ysgolion, colegau a phrifysgolion i beidio â theithio dramor, gan gynnwys teithiau dramor i ysgolion.

Bydd cyngor a chanllawiau i leoliadau addysg yn cael eu diweddaru i gynnwys newidiadau yn y cyngor.

I gael y cyngor diweddaraf un, ewch i:

Llywodraeth Cymru llyw.cymru/coronavirus

Gov.uk https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public

Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymru https://phw.nhs.wales/topics/latest-information-on-novel-coronavirus-covid-19/

Allergy UK https://www.allergyuk.org/about/latest-news/1216-advice-around-allergy-and-coronavirus-covid19

Yr Awdurdod Iechyd a Diogelwch https://www.hse.gov.uk/news/coronavirus.htm

Busnes Cymru https://businesswales.gov.wales/coronavirus-advice

Yr Awdurdod Iechyd a Diogelwch https://www.hse.gov.uk/news/coronavirus.htm