Business Assessment Survey: 2015-16 Results | Harolwg Asesu Busnes: 2015-16 Canlyniadau

Thank you to all providers in Wales who have completed this year’s Business Assessment Survey.

The aim of this assessment was to help our childcare providers and play services to think about how they manage different aspects of their business. All organisations need to plan ahead and completing this assessment was a good way of making sure that they are reflecting on all areas of their business. It has helped us to identify areas of opportunities and strengths and provide a focused service to our providers. This was the second survey and will be followed by a further one next year. Working together the Cwlwm partners, have been able to use the data we collected to identify areas where our members need more support. We have formed an action plan and will monitor the second round of surveys to gauge what further support is needed.

See below for the collective key results from the Cwlwm partnership based on those providers that took part across Wales:



An update was published in Wales PPA’s quarterly magazine smalltalk to read this update in full please click on the thumbnail below




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